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Brix and IgG on goat colostrum

From Paula Menzies following the discussion during her webinar earlier in the autumn:

A handheld digital refractometer (Atago 3810 PAL-1, Atago Co. LTD, Japan) with a range from 0-53% Brix, and an optical refractometer (RSA-BR32T Cole Parmer, Montreal Quebec) with a range from 0-32% Brix were u​sed to determine the brix score of the colostrum.  For the digital Brix, the ROC curve (used to optimize sens and spec) suggests​ that 20% would be best to use for the cutpoint and for the optical Brix, it would be 21% when determining if colostrum contains at least 50 gms/litre.

Many thanks Paula

What are others' experiences?