Webinar topics (diplomates)

This poll has ended (since 10 days).

Dear diplomate,

We would like to ask your feedback for the next series of ECSRHM webinars.

Please select minimum 1 topic and maximum 3 topics which are of most interest to you for the next webinars.

After your vote, you will be able to check the poll results.

You are allowed to only vote once. Finally, if you have any other suggestions, you can also add your own topics at the end of this poll.

Thanks a lot,

Karim Adjou

On behalf of the ECSRHM Education Committee

Topic 1: Dairy Sheep and Goat Production (Mastitis, use of milk quality testing, Nutrition-milking technique...)
37.84%, total votes 14
Topic 5: Neonatal diseases in lambs and kid goats
24.32%, total votes 9
Topic 4: Diseases of skin and wool (mites...)
13.51%, total votes 5
Topic 2: Parasitic diseases of sheep (Gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, treatment and prevention...)
13.51%, total votes 5
Topic 3: Diseases of the feet and legs in sheep
10.81%, total votes 4