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Senior Research Scientist, SRUC
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United Kingdom

Parasitology, Immunology, Management

Invited Lectures

  •  Tackling the parasitological challenges arising from organic farming practices. Organic Research Centre, Organic Producers Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, UK, 1-2 February 2017
  • The use of DP xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyser to objectively assess the efficacy of medicinal plant extracts against T.circumcincta in vitro. COST Action, CAPARA, Final Meeting, Belin, Germany, 2-4 December 2013.


  • Interactions between nutrition and helminth infections: quantitative aspects; the role of the host and environmental factors. Novel Approaches to the Control of Helminth Parasites of Livestock. Toulouse, France, 24-28 March 2013.
  • The use of RTCA DP system to objectively assess nematode motility. Roche Applied Science, xCELLigence User Group Meeting. Glasgow, UK, 18-19 June 2012.
  • Nutritional approaches for parasite control in ruminants. Healthy foods from healthy animals, AVTRW Nottingham, UK, 24-25 April 2012.
  • Consequences of nutrition and parasite challenge on gene expression on Nippostrongylus brasiliensis infected rats. Edinburgh Immunology Group, Edinburgh, UK, 10 December 2009.
  • Medicinal plants for parasite control: facts and fiction. In “Harvesting Knowledge, Pharming Opportunities” BSAS Occasional Meeting, Writtle, UK, 14-15 September 2006
  • Research initiatives towards sustainable parasite control- workshop. In “From Science to solutions” 20th WAAVP, Christchurch, New Zealand, 16-20 October 2005
  • Antiparasitic PSM and their role in the control of parasitism. In “Plant secondary metabolites: a catch 22?” Nutrition Society Meeting, Edinburgh, UK,19 April 2004.
  • The role of plant secondary metabolites on the control of parasitism in sheep. In “Secondary Compounds and Browse Utilization” satellite meeting to the VIth International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores, Merida, Mexico, 19-24 October 2003.
  • Animal health and welfare issues arising from organic ruminant production systems. In “Organic Meat and Milk for Ruminants” Hellenic Society of Animal Science and BSAS, Athens, Greece, 4-6 October 2002.

Selected publications

  • Athanasiadou S, Tolossa K, Debela E, Tolera A, Houdijk JG. (2015) Tolerance and resistance to a nematode challenge are not always mutually exclusive. Int J Parasitol. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2014
  • Athanasiadou S, Russell KM, Kaiser P, Kanellos T, Burgess STG, Mitchell M, Clutton E, Naylor SW, Low, CJ, Hutchings MR, Sparks N. (2015) Genome-wide transcriptomic analysis identifies pathways affected by the infusion of Clostridium perfringens culture supernatant in the duodenum of broilers in situ. J Anim Sci 93: 3152-3163.
  • Sakkas P, Jones LA, Houdijk JG, Athanasiadou S, Knox DP, Kyriazakis I (2013) Leucine and methionine deficiency impairs immunity to gastrointestinal parasites during lactation. Br J Nutr 109: 273-282.
  • Athanasiadou S (2012) Nutritional deficiencies and parasitic disease: lessons and advancements from rodent models. Vet Parasitol 189: 97-103.
  • Athanasiadou S, Jones LA, Burgess STG, Kyriazakis I, Pemberton AD, Houdijk JGM, Huntley JF (2011) Genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of intestinal tissue to assess the impact of nutrition and parasitism in lactating rats infected with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis. PLoS One, 6(6):e20771.